Ankole Cow Conservation Association (ACCA) – The Enyemebwa Centre

The Enyemebwa Culture, Conservation and Education Centre is a joint project of the Ankole Cow Conservation Association (ACCA) and the Ugandan Wildlife Authority.  The Centre based just inside the gate of Lake Mburo National Park in Western Uganda was established to help conserve the Ankole cow, retain the cultural practices and traditional knowledge of the breed and to ensure that the Ankole Cow thrives in the wildlife-rich landscape surrounding Mburo National Park.

For visitors to Uganda, this is a ‘not to be missed’ destination when visiting Western Uganda.  It showcases the culture and lifestyle of the traditional Ankole pastoralist and allows visitors to mingle with these beautiful cows, watching the calves being milked, the milk turned into ghee (butter) and the cows being watered during the day.

I have been invited to sit on the Advisory Board of ACCA, and will be activity involved in its promotion both within Uganda and overseas.

Steralising the wooden containers ready for milking.


I should not give up my day job – I am rubbish at milking!


Milk collected in a wooden container.


Making Ghee (Butter) in a traditional gourd.


Collecting water from the dam for the cows. This is a wooden bucket and weighs about 15 kilos when full – these herdsmen threw it up and down to each other like it was full of feathers.


Thirsty Cows drinking from a trough made of mud which the herdsmen constantly have to keep repairing as the cows are drinking.