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Lesley Magnay: East African Trading Company

I went travelling to Uganda aged 21 and stayed – how could I not.  This beautiful country with its diverse scenery and the friendliest people imaginable captured my heart.  Now many years later, a bit more baggage in terms of 3 children and a husband  ‘The Pearl of Africa’ remains the place I am most at home.

On our many safari’s ‘up-country’ we were very used to seeing the magnificent  Ankole cows on the side of the road, being herded by young boys, but what of the bi-product of this animal?  The horns I knew were normally burnt as waste – surely this was a wonderful sustainable material that could be re-cycled?

Five years on, and I am now working directly with a local family run business and a team of talented artisans.  We have designed and produced this amazing range of accessories – straight from the Equator to your home.

At East African Trading Company, our team works hard to remain loyal to Uganda, and strives to support small Ugandan businesses.   We source locally where we can; our packaging is made by a small company on the Entebbe Road employing predominately women, and our wooden boxes are made by someone known to us since childhood.

We are proud of what we produce and we thank you for your interest in these truly ethical and individual products and hope that you will now enjoy the beauty of the Inyambo – the cow with the long, long horns.

Our Artisans

I am lucky enough to collaborate with some of the most talented artisans working with horn in Uganda. The horn goes through a very lengthy and skilled process before it arrives beautifully packaged at your door. These are the people that make it happen. Andrew and Robert, the Workshop Managers.  The workshop employs more than 40 people […]

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Ankole Cow Conservation Association (ACCA) – The Enyemebwa Centre

The Enyemebwa Culture, Conservation and Education Centre is a joint project of the Ankole Cow Conservation Association (ACCA) and the Ugandan Wildlife Authority.  The Centre based just inside the gate of Lake Mburo National Park in Western Uganda was established to help conserve the Ankole cow, retain the […]

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